Li Pigments AQUA Eyebrow Pigments - Navajo Brown

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A beautiful brown that is cooler than Cocoa and lighter than Espresso. This color heals to a dark brown for Fitzpatrick III-V skin types. Navajo Brown contains a small amount of red in the base formula. It is however, a cool eyebrow color, but not as cool as Espresso. Lighten with Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Mochaccino or Lighten Up. Darken with Espresso or Ebony Brown. For additional warmth, add Un-Gray, Grey Vanish, Autumn Gold or Beautiful Blonde.

Favorite Combination: Navajo Brown and Autumn Gold mix is beautiful.

Fitzpatrick III

Sun sensitive. May burn, but will turn into golden tan. Example: Dark blonde to dark brown haired Caucasians and Asians (Far Eastern descent), usually brown eyed. Although most Fitzpatrick III skin types are typically more neutral (Asian skin-Far Eastern descent) to cool, some warm skin undertones do exist. Note: Although it is possible to have a peaches and cream (warm) Fitzpatrick III client, 99.99% of Fitzpatrick III clients are either more neutral (Asian skin-Far Eastern descent) or cool.

Fitzpatrick IV

Low sun sensitivity. May burn, but will quickly turn to dark brown tan. Example: Mediterranean with olive skin tone, some Asians (Far Eastern descent) with yellow-green undertones. Fitzpatrick IV skin types are considered cool.

Fitzpatrick V

Low to no sun sensitivity. Very rarely burns, tans dark quickly. Example: Latinos, Middle Eastern and some people of darker skin of African descent.



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