Li Pigments AQUA Eyebrow Pigments - Dark Toffee

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This is a rich dark brown color with warmth added. Use alone on Fitzpatrick III-VI skin types (may need to add Un-Gray depending on the coolness of the skin). When blended with a substantial amount of a warmer or more neutral color, Dark Toffee may be used on lighter Fitzpatrick skin types. This is dependent on how much warmer or more neutral the added color is, and how much is added. Lighten with Cappuccino, Hazelnut or Mochaccino. Darken with Navajo Brown, or Espresso or Ebony Brown only when appropriate due to the darkness of the canvas. For additional warmth add Un-Gray, Grey Vanish, Autumn Gold or Beautiful Blonde.

Favorite Combinations:Blends beautifully with Autumn Gold, Sandalwood, Cappuccino or Hazelnut

Fitzpatrick III

Sun sensitive. May burn, but will turn into golden tan. Example: Dark blonde to dark brown haired Caucasians and Asians (Far Eastern descent), usually brown eyed. Although most Fitzpatrick III skin types are typically more neutral (Asian skin-Far Eastern descent) to cool, some warm skin undertones do exist. Note: Although it is possible to have a peaches and cream (warm) Fitzpatrick III client, 99.99% of Fitzpatrick III clients are either more neutral (Asian skin-Far Eastern descent) or cool.

Fitzpatrick IV

Low sun sensitivity. May burn, but will quickly turn to dark brown tan. Example: Mediterranean with olive skin tone, some Asians (Far Eastern descent) with yellow-green undertones. Fitzpatrick IV skin types are considered cool.

Fitzpatrick V

Low to no sun sensitivity. Very rarely burns, tans dark quickly. Example: Latinos, Middle Eastern and some people of darker skin of African descent.

Fitzpatrick VI

Will not burn, skin deeply pigmented. Example: Dark to black skin. Fitzpatrick VI is considered to be an extremely cool skin undertone.



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