About Us


Being in the permanent makeup industry can be overwhelming; with so many semi-permanent "masters" and products from microblade sizes to pigment colours and needles. How do you know what to buy and who to train with?
Here at VU London PMU, we do the filtering for you! If you have been in the industry for a while now, you’ll know that it is not efficient to purchase all your supplies separately. Vu London will save your business time by being your one stop shop, supplying a comprehensive selection of the best quality products for your business.
Our aim is to provide top quality supplies from microblading brows to machine micropigmentation. A site where you can find the best trainers within the industry and a variety of the highest quality semi-permanent makeup brands, products and training courses in one place.
      “Every master was once a novice”
So we are here to help you to be the best artist you can be by equipping you with the greatest products and teachers to help you advance in your careers. Believe in yourselves as much as we do.