Ensuring a Safe and Efficient PMU Work Tray Setup

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Setting up your work tray properly is crucial for a successful and safe day-to-day life as a permanent makeup artist. Inadequate preparation can not only compromise the safety of both you and your clients but also impact your professional reputation. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to create a well-organized and sterilized PMU work tray.

Section 1: Sanitising Your Surface
Begin by thoroughly cleaning your work tray's surface with a hard surface disinfectant or cleaning solution. Cover the surface with cling film or surface protection sheets, or opt for a new disposable work tray for each treatment for maximum convenience.

Section 2: Protecting Your Machine
To safeguard your PMU machine from pigments and fluids, cover it with barrier film or pre-cut barrier grip sleeves. Ensure complete coverage, including the cartridge end, using the cartridge itself to pierce the film and create a secure seal. For wireless machines, cover the entire unit, and if using a cable, wrap it as well. Make the machine comfortable by adding grip wrap for an ergonomic handhold.

Section 3: Protecting Yourself
Prioritise personal protective equipment (PPE) by wearing gloves and face masks. Consider adding a hair net for extra protection, and use disposable plastic aprons to keep your clothes clean. Cover any potential touch points, such as lamp buttons and chair levers, with barrier film. Change gloves immediately if you touch any uncovered surfaces.

Section 4: Organising Your Essentials
Have all necessary tools laid out beside you, including mapping pencils, sharpeners, and additional tools. Gather pigments, pigment caps, PPE, glide, and soap. Secure pigment caps to the covered table with vaseline or a glide to prevent spillage during the procedure. Sanitise and wrap anything else you may touch, ensuring you do not touch anything without gloves.

Section 5: Opening Your Cartridges
Wait to open pre-sterilised PMU cartridges until you are ready to begin. This prevents cross-contamination and reduces the risk of injuries from sharp needles. Remove non-disposable items from your work tray before opening the blister packaging, as anything left exposed during the procedure is at risk of contamination and should be disposed of immediately.

By following these steps, you can ensure an efficient, safe setup for your PMU appointments, promoting a professional and hygienic work environment.

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