Vertix Nano Cartridges - Magnum Curved box of 20

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DarkLab's Vertix Nano Needles are some of the most advanced permanent makeup cartridges available. Specially engineered to answer the needs of the most demanding artists, the DarkLab Vertix Nano cartridges have unique features that can't be found with any other cartridge brand on the market. The Vertix Nano needles are thinner than other needles, making them perfect for precise permanent make-up procedures. Their tips are elongated, transparent and detachable, to give you a perfect view of the ink flow and to allow you to perform slight needle adjustments. In addition, the internal tip design and materials ensure great ink flow and tip saturation, meaning that you need to dip your needles less often. The proprietary dual side vents of each tip shell creates a decompressing vacuum action, minimizing potential spraying and ensuring a perfect rinse of the needles to prevent the inks from mixing when swapping between shades. DarkLab's Vertix Nano cartridges are fitted with a secure low-tension membrane which prevents the ink from flowing back and reduces motor stress in your tattoo machine.

Vertix Nano cartridges have been expertly designed with quality in mind, with perfectly grouped needles made from Japanese surgical steel. The quality of each cartridge is also ensured by a two-step quality control (automated and human).

Vertix Nano needles are designed in the USA by DarkLab, which also produces well-known brands like Spektra and Bellar.

Key Features:

  • Configuration: Magnum Curved
  • Needle Diameter: 0.25 mm

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