The House of PMU PRECISION Microblading Sampler Pack

  • £58.00

Only 8 left!

The Sampler Pack contains 10 Precision Microblades:

  1. 2x 11 Flexi Slant,
  2. 2x 14 Flexi Slant,
  3. 2x 14 Flat
  4. 2x 16 Flexi Slant
  5. 2x 16 U Shape.  

All of the microblades packed in sterlised blister pack and ready to use.  

The sampler pack is a great choice for artists that are new to Precision and want to try them all.  The Sampler Pack is also very popular with schools and trainers that want to add high-end mircroblades to their professional kit. 

They are made with the highest standard and is made with the health and safety in mind. Handles are made to fit perfectly into the hands and comes with a safety cap to avoid the blade from being damaged.

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